About Me

I am a London based Web Developer. As you can guess from the title of my blog I specialise in front-end web development but starting to use PHP more and more.

I currently work as a Web Developer for The History Channel, part of bskyB (ie. sky tv) and AETN. I previously worked for CBS interactive (formerly CNET Networks) in their London offices.

I started building sites about 7 years ago and started my own company in 2003. I’ve had regular work since then despite never advertising. The company was originally called FairlyPriced and this year was renamed and rebranded LittleDesignPlanet when my brother in-law joined me. Initially as a small start up I did everything myself but as things have gotten busier more and more I am managing projects more than building them. I think doing the many roles has helped me get a better understanding of web development as a whole from sales and client meetings, to specs, to designing, to building, to back end.

This blog started out as a way to document my new techniques and methods as I found/developed them. Now it seems to encompass much more including interviews, reviews and musings.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles – please feel free to comment. All comments are moderated due to the large amount of spam but I do read every one and approve real comments. If you want to contact me directly please email: blog at fromthefrontend dot co dot uk.